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Welcome to Honest Mentorship

You came to the right place. In a world where honor and integrity is quickly disappearing, you need honesty, transparency and guidance now more than ever. My message is simple. Someone who loves you will tell you the truth. It may not be what you want to hear but it is necessary for growth. So in your journey towards growth, simply ask yourself this question. Who are your mentors? Who are your role models? Who is educating you and telling you the truth? The news or media, or parental figures who seem to not apply truth in their own life?

Or if you're going to Church, no one seems to have time for your situation and so you feel left out. Or if you're not going to Church or a bible study, you're even more left out. If you have a situation where you need counsel and guidance on how to navigate through it, simply book a call. I will give you honest and life changing wisdom to help you get out of your situation. But even better I will give you Christian Biblical foundation to help you connect the dots and help you gain clarity. The mentorship will be 100% custom to you and only unique to your circumstance. There is no one size fits all. So don't be fooled by online "gurus" selling you random courses. Their education is too general or incomplete. In addition most of the advice seen online is too worldly and it won't be applicable to your unique situation. What you need is spiritual revelation, not worldly advice from people who worship the world, themselves or power. Book a call with no risk to you. 100% money back guarantee.

Find a topic I may be able to help you with:

Why you have no Friends

Here we take a close look at your personal life. Most people are lonely and don't have real friends.If you're wondering how to create life lasting friends, you need to take a look at your personality and communication style.

You need revelation not information

In the age of information the problem is that there's too much of it. You need revelation not information.

Dating girls from church

You want something real. You try to date a good girl finally. Yet there are challenges you did not expect.

He is pulling away

He was into you, now he is distant, cold and uninterested. Is something bothering him? What's missing?

No respect from your woman

She has little patience for you and doesn't make you feel like a boss. Here is what you're doing wrong.

She is pulling away

She seemed so joyful and excited when she talked to you. She gave you chemistry vibes so you attempted to get closer only to find her more and more distant each time.

Learn to say no

People always asking you for favors. You don't want to reject people because you want to show your kind heart. Here is how to do it the right way.

Why he doesn't stay

It's a vicious cycle. Let's look at this situation closely and analyze your case. Is it you? or him? What's missing?

Brink of bad divorce

Arguments, fights and more toxic behavior. Can you fix it or is it really over?

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